Scout Smile

About Us

Scout Smile a full-service recruiting firm offering tailored talent acquisition solutions to meet your practice’s hiring needs We focus on filling positions for front office and mid-level practitioners. We are a division of Scout Employer Solutions, who recruit in the following disciplines: Healthcare, Finance, Accounting, Sales, IT, Engineering, Legal, Procurement, HR.   

Subscription Recruiting

We provide externally managed recruiting services for small and medium sized practices.  

  • With our Subscription Recruiting model, provide the strategy, process, technology, and people you need to meet your business objectives and approach the employment market behind your brand. Meaning, we recruit FOR you, AS you.
  • These all-inclusive services come to you at a reasonable, monthly, subscribed cost. Our pricing is based on several variables including the # of positions that need to be filled, the timeline in which they need to be filled, existing process and technology, level of complexity and difficulty to recruit for the positions, etc.
  • Our pricing ranges from $1000/MO-$12,000.00/month and we charge and engagement fee that is 1.5X the monthly rate.
  • No long term contracts. Only 30 days’ notice required to separate from us and we will give you your data upon final payment.

Traditional Recruiting

If your practice isn’t a match for our subscription recruiting program or if you just need help with one or two positions, we are happy to assist you by providing traditional recruiting services.

  • Direct hire recruiting for professionals – Our fee typically calculates as a percentage of the annual salary of the individual hired and includes a 90-day replacement guarantee.
  • Contract/Contract to hire placement – We share a co-employment relationship and provide talent on hourly basis while remaining the Employer of Record. Bill rates based on the pay rate and industry standards for the professional you need. Typically, there is a conversion fee at time of conversion to your payroll.