Bloom Dental

At Bloom Dental, we are committed to creating a positive work experience for you while we deliver exceptional care to our patients. We strive to provide a positive experience for our patients and teams. We know the demands of dentistry and the challenges you may experience when treating patients all day. We provide an excellent support system, training, and teamwork to make everyone’s day enjoyable. We recognize that when Team Members are supported, our patients, in return, receive exceptional care.

How do we make a positive impact on this world? We spark a positive change!

People traditionally do not like seeing the dentist. Dentistry and overall health are tightly connected, and our mission is to help patients to become healthier and overcome dental fears in a friendly, warm, and judgment-free environment. Here, we inspire and educate patients to live their best lives.

We currently have an office in Bloomington and are adding another location in Bedford, Indiana. We are flexible with your work hours and work location.